About BG

BG Cleaning Systems is a international company that affords multifaceted cleaning and facility services to all types and sizes of facilities: commercial, retail, public and private institutions, homeowner‘s associations, industrial, health-related, sports, airline servicing companies, shipping companies, insurance companies, entertainment & community establishments, and more.

The company was founded in 1995 by a daring young entrepreneur, Mr. Benedikt Hjálmarsson. Mr. Hjálmarsson is the current C.E.O. of BG Cleaning Systems and the driving force behind it.

BG Cleaning Systems provides high quality services reinforced by the BG Quality Control Management System which our franchisees adhere to.  BG also has the reputation of being a trustworthy business partner that is conscientious about keeping confidentiality and adhering to security rules and regulations. In addition to our customers relying on our competent staff in maintaing a clean and healthy environment conducive to better health and better work production, all BG Cleaning Systems Staff worldwide understand the importance of maintaining high quality services, confidentiality, and trustworthiness at all times.

BG‘s main goal is to provide and maintain high quality services leading to Customer Satisfaction which is the end goal.

Our vision is to widen our spectrum of services through constant innovation for all varieties of clientele and expand our personnel capacity accordingly.

BG Cleaning Systems‘ mission is to continually improve and strengthen the quality of our services in keeping with the current trends in the Art & Science of the Cleaning Industry.

Our aim is to create a worldwide system for running successful and respectable cleaning businesses without the burden of trial-and-error. This would give interested entrepreneurs around the world and the opportunity to easily succeed in starting their own cleaning business venture with BG Cleaning Systems as their mentor and guide.