Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is the availability of sites in my area?

A: The availability of franchises in specific locations will be discussed during your initial interview. Only a limited number of franchises can be granted depending on the location

Q: What is the difference between a Master Franchise and a Unit Franchise?

A: A Master Franchise grants you the right to develop the business more and recruit your own Unit Franchise. You will then get 2/3 of the monthly license fee that each unit franchisee that you recruit has to pay. You will have the privilege of supporting the unit franchises. You can also widen your target market area and expand your business as far as you possibly can. You also have the honour of creating more job opportunities for the people in your area.

A Unit Franchise grants you the right to develop the business in your allocated area. The number of franchises granted to each location depends on the population within the territory boundaries

A Unit License is not granted the exact same rights as the MasterLicense.

Q: Why can’t I have an area to myself?

A: In some cases you can have an area to yourself, depending on population and feasability. We wish to give the licensees the opportunity to have both commercial and domestic customers.

Q: Am I in competition with the other BG Cleaning Systems Franchises?

A: NO. You are not in competition with each other. Your competition is the methods and operators of other cleaning companies. Your fellow BG Cleaning Systems Franchises are there to help you and vice versa. You can work together by passing jobs to one another, servicing clientele for each other when the other one is unable to take the job, and similar situations. In larger areas, franchises can even advertise together in the Yellow Pages or in newspapers and magazines, or even in making television commercials enabling you to afford a larger and more effective advertisement.

Sometimes, you might come across the customer of another BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee. If this happens, you should try to make sure which BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee usually services this customer and refer the client back to them. Oftentimes, customers don’t realize that each franchise is independently owned and operated. Just inform the customer that your are glad to hear that they are using BG Cleaning Systems but do not talk pricing or in any way try to undercut your colleagues and associates at BG Cleaning Systems.  You should work together with your fellow BG Cleaning Franchises in your area to acquire greater recognition for yourself and for the company as a whole.

Common courtesy should be observed when this situation occurs. This is what we call “Professionalism”

Q: Can I work outside of my License Area?

A: You are allowed to work outside of your area if the job is a bonafide referral. This means that you have been recommended by one of your customers within your area to someone who is located outside of your area. This customer must specifically want YOU to be in charge of their cleaning contract, and must make the first contact with you. You are not allowed to advertise or solicit business outside of your franchise area.

For example, if you clean for a chain store and they want you to clean all their stores in your State/City/Province, this would also be classified as referral work. If the travelling is not profitable for you, you could refer some of the work onto the franchises that are more local to the area for a percentage of the revenue.

Q: How does having other Franchises in my area benefit me?

A: If an area is totally sold out with all the BG Cleaning Systems Franchises, this particular area will benefit from greater exposure of the name due to more licensees advertising in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, pamphlets and on their vans with the BG Cleaning Systems Logo.

The franchises can advertise together providing greater exposure at a lesser cost to the individual franchises.

Q: How many vans can I have in my area?

A: You can have as many vans as you wish in your license area. You can have as many employees as you wish also.

Q: There seems to be too much competition in the cleaning industry in my area. How do I deal with that?

A: In every industry you will meet competition. The more the competition, the more the demand for the service. This is actually a good thing. Your aim should be to convert the target market by giving the customers a service they cannot refuse. High quality cleaning services will prove itself to the client.

Q: How much money can I make?

A: Your profit yield and turnover will depend on several factors, namely, sales and operating costs. It will mostly hinge on your ability to manage, budget, market and control the business.

Q: I have never had experience in the cleaning industry. Does that matter?

A: No, it does not. A lot of the people who are granted a BG Cleaning Systems franchise have never been involved in the cleaning business before. We will provide you full training and a 24-hour support line.

Q: Where do I send my completed application?

A: Please fill up the application form either online and submit it as instructed on our website or send it to:

BG Cleaning Systems International ehf,

Suðurhraun 4,

210 Garðabær, Iceland.

You may also give us a call at (354) 533 5004 if you have any queries.

Q. How much Income can you expect to make?

A. It all depends on your time and commitment to building the business. Some do it part time and some work on it full time. You can have a single van or multiple vans with a few or with numerous employees.

We make no representation of what our Licensees will make.

Factors which may affect earnings are:

• Time commitment ( whether you work part or full time)

• Your ability to acquire commercial and domestic accounts

• How much you invest in advertising

• The quality of your work

• Your personality, friendliness and willingness to provide the best possible service.

Some of the expenses you’ll meet when running your business are the following:

• Chemicals

• Equipment

• Monthly salaries

• Fuel

• Vehicle maintenance and repairs

• Phone bill

• Advertising (Recommended)

• Insurance

• Uniform

• Postal expenses

• Bookkeeping and accounting expenses

It takes work and determination to make it in any business. Your age, gender, education and experience in this field do not necessarily determine you success. Your hard work, determination, ambition and desire to succeed does.

Once you join the BG Family, you don’t have to do this alone. We will be there to assist you along the way.