The professional cleaning industry is a growing business worldwide. Wherever there is a building, there will always be the need for cleaning.

If you want to start a cleaning business, your best choice as a business partner is no other than the unique and dynamic BG Cleaning Systems, a leading international cleaning and facility services company originating from Iceland, one of the cleanest countries on earth.

The BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee will have the special advantage of being aligned with an experienced business partner recognized as an avant garde business organization reputed for its trustworthiness, professional expertise and superior quality services.

To us at BG, it is not just about selling franchises. Instead, it is all about finding the right franchise partner who shares the same values and commitments as we do. We seek a business partner who will reinforce our aim to afford the best quality services to our customers, and in protecting and maintaining the integrity of our corporate name and trademark. Our International Franchise Teams carefully and painstakingly qualify the ideal franchise partners who will be the right fit for BG Cleaning Systems. It is our goal to foster and maintain long-term business relationships, not only with our valued clientele but also, with our franchise partners.

BG Cleaning Systems Franchisees undergo an intensive training program at the BG Cleaning Systems Global Headquarters in Iceland. After completing the rigorous training course, our franchisees are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to start the BG business. Regular follow-up and necessary support from the BG Franchise Managers are afforded to our franchisees for the lifetime of their BG franchise business.

The key element to BG Cleaning Systems’ success is people like you — our able and qualified Franchise Partners. The cornerstone of the success of our franchises is BG Cleaning Systems itself. With BG‘s almost two decades of mastery in and know-how of the cleaning industry, together with our training and support programs, our concept is unrivaled by other Cleaning Franchise Companies.

As a BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee Partner, you’ll benefit from using our tried and tested business system that applies in any economic climate, anytime, anywhere.

BG Cleaning Systems International started out as a very small business enterprise and has now grown exponentially, both locally and internationally. You’ll have access to our extensive professional expertise and knowledge in the cleaning industry, and to the wide range of cleaning systems that we have available for you according to your capacity and ability.

Start your journey on the Road to Success with your ideal business partner – BG Cleaning Systems!