Joint Venture With BG

Delhi Window Washing

BG Cleaning Systems is open to the option of a joint venture with existing strong, reliable, reputable and stable organizations in certain markets worldwide.

We are looking for like-minded organizations who have similar goals, values and vision as we have. We need business partners who have similar qualities as we do: being dynamic, flexible and innovative. BG Cleaning Systems is also well-reputed to be a trustworthy, reliable, honest company. BG is also known for its avant-garde cleaning concepts and systems and the use of state-of-the art technology.

With our huge portfolio of cleaning and facility services, linking with a compatible business partner who has strong local ties is essential for the success of the joint venture company. Corporate groups, large corporations, existing cleaning and facility services companies, real estate companies and the like are potentially compatible joint venture partners for BG Cleaning Systems.

The cleaning and facility service industry is one that is very viable in any market and has high potential for being a lucrative business on its own. If offered in conjunction to and linked to other services, it will also supplement and complement the joint venture organization‘s business and its joint venture partner‘s other business/es.

BG Cleaning Systems is your ideal business partner with nearly twenty years of professional expertise, experience and knowledge to reinforce, uphold and strengthen its brand and reputation in the industry.

Further information on a potential collaboration with BG Cleaning Systems in a joint venture, contact Ms. Sherry Ruth E. Buot, Managing Director of Business and Franchise Development at .