Start Your BG Cleaning Franchise


The cleaning and facility service industry is a highly competitive one. Owning a BG Cleaning Systems franchise will give you the edge and help make you a market leader in your territory. When you own the BG Franchise, you get the support and guidance of BG Cleaning Systems.

BG has had nearly twenty years of professional experience, expertise, and know-how in the industry and has always been up-to-date with the trends in the art and science of cleaning and facility service provision. We teach you how to run your business, get the business, grow the business and keep your business. We help you avoid the costly trial-and-error period that every entrepreneur encounters when embarking on a new venture.

Organizations with integrity and substance seek to align themselves with others who share the same values and goals. BG Cleaning Systems seeks franchisees who are honest, trustworthy, dynamic, innovative, flexible and goal-oriented. Our franchisees also need to have the entrepeneurial spirit and a strong business sense in them.

As a member of the BG Cleaning Systems worldwide network, you will have full access to our treasure trove of know-how, experience and expertise anytime, anywhere.

For more information on acquiring a BG Cleaning Systems franchise in your desired territory, e-mail us at and get started on the road to success!