Why a Franchise?


Franchising is defined as a business arrangement which combines the franchisor‘s reputation, goodwill, innovation, technical know-how and expertise with the energy, industry and investment of the franchisee in order to conduct the business of providing and selling of goods and/or services. The franchise arrangement is a business arrangement whereby the franchisor permits the franchisee to use the system developed by the franchisor in exchange for a fee.

Franchises are an an effective way of combining the strengths, skills and needs of both the franchisor and the franchisee, making it a popular and rapidly growing business arrangement worldwide. Both the franchisor and the franchisee have to rely on each other to be truly successful. In franchising, the know-how of the franchisor is combined with the capability and capacity of the franchisee, and the dynamic energy and commitment of both to achieve success.

The franchised system is generally a package including the „IP“ or the intellectual property rights, i.e., the rights to use the Trade Mark, trade names, logos, accoutrements, paraphernalia, systems, concepts and such associated with the business, including any inventions such as patents or designs, trade-secrets, and know-how of the business and any relevant brochures, advertising, marketing or copyrighted works relating to the manufacture, sale of goods and/or the provision of services to customers. The Intellectual Property is unique to the business and provides the business with its competitive advantage and market niche.

How Does it Work?

Basically, the franchisor has developed a system for conducting business and the system has been found to be successful. The franchisor establishes a blueprint, also known as the „franchise model“ for its franchisees in order for them to emulate the success of the franchisor‘s business system, usually in a different geographic area, by operating the same business using the same name, the same trademark and the same systems.

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Franchise?

There are several advantages of owning a franchise, including:

  • Freedom of employment: the feeling of freedom that being self-employed brings. With BG Cleaning Systems, BG will be your mentor but you will be your own boss.
  • Proven product or service outcomes: the knowledge that the franchise owner, BG Cleaning Systems, has invested a lot in a proven system.
  • Proper training & support system. The training, support and encouragement of the franchisor, BG Cleaning Systems, and other franchisees.
  • Semi-monopoly; defined territory or geographical boundaries. It provides a semi-monopoly environment in which to conduct business in a particular area, also known as the „territory“. BG Cleaning Systems will assign its franchisees specific territories. In larger territories, territory mapping will be done.
  • Proven brand, trade mark, recognition. Being part of a franchise ensures the franchisee that it is a bonafide member of an instantly recognisable brand, the expectations that a brand brings, and the reputation gained by the brand over time.
  • Shared marketing, advertising, business launch campaign costs. With other franchisees in the territory, it is possible for the franchisees to pool their resources and share marketing, advertising and business launch campaign costs.
  • Industry know-how. The franchisee can capitalise on the know-how and systems of the franchisor that have been proven to be successful. With BG‘s nearly two decades of professional expertise and technical know-how, you can get straight to business and avoid the trial-and-error phase that one encounters when starting your own business without a mentor to guide you.
  • Standardization. The quality of the product or service provided is therefore in many ways guaranteed. BG Cleaning Systems has a Quality Control Management System that ensures that standardization is adhered to. Standardization is the key to attaining the superior quality services that BG Cleaning Systems is reputed for.
  • Reduced risk of failure. With BG Cleaning Systems as your mentor, the risk of failure is reduced.
  • Access to proprietary products or services. BG Cleaning Systems will be there to assist you in finding and identifying reliable suppliers. BG Franchisees will be provided with an approved list of suppliers in their area.
  • Bulk buying advantages. When there are other franchisees in the area, the BG Franchisee can avail of bulk buying advantages from BG‘s approved suppliers.
  • On-going research and development.

What Makes a Good Franchise? – “the four I’s”

Successful franchises are the result of the four “I‘s”:

  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Investment
  • Industry

Innovation occurs when a new idea or method is introduced. A good franchise is one that is sparked by a good idea which fills a specific market need at the right time and at the right place. The innovation is reinforced by the initiative and drive of its creator to make the idea work.

The franchisor creates a blueprint “system” for repeating success by establishing, developing, updating and monitoring the innovation. The franchisor creates and develops the franchise model. This process requires the franchisor to invest time, energy, and money . To prepare the business concept for franchising, the franchisor needs to do a lot of brainstorming, conceptualization, systematic planning, and development. This innovation ensured that client expectations are met, anticipated and managed and resulted in a unique, memorable and exclusive name for the franchise business concept being devised. This also created a unique and marketable brand with the unique concepts and systems established by the franchisor.

A good franchise is one that has a business model that can apply or be modified to adapt to the market environment and can boost or improve the industry that the franchise belongs to making it a viable and  profitable business for both the franchisor and the franchisee, thereby increasing the probability of success for both.

BG Cleaning Systems is a dynamic, innovative and flexible business model that can be easily applied or modified to adapt to any market environment anytime and anywhere in the world making it THE Ideal Franchise for the astute, bold, and brilliant entrepreneur who possesses the right bandwidth, an open mind, and the capacity to bring this business into fruition.