Who We Serve



Since 1995, BG Cleaning Systems has afforded a broad scope of cleaning and facility services which range from janitorial services to special cleaning services.
With its nearly two decades of professional experience in the provision of a large portfolio of cleaning services, BG Cleaning Systems has garnered a diverse clientele base. Its various clients from all sectors of the market include the following:

• Large corporations
• SMEs
• Retail stores
• Supermarkets
• Department Stores
• Restaurants
• Malls
• Real Estate Companies
• Holding Companies
• Homeowners‘ Associations
• Industrial Companies
• Food Factories
• IT Companies
• Phone Companies
• Bottling Plants
• Warehouses
• Government Institutions
• Public Institutions
• Private Instutions
• Establishments
• Insurance Companies
• Law Offices
• Accountant Offices
• Banks
• Fitness & Health Faciilities
• Printing Factories
• Shipping Companies
• Airline Servicing Companies
• And so much more…

Like individuals, organizations are judged by the company they keep. At BG Cleaning Systems, we believe that organizations with integrity and substance should seek to align themselves with like-minded organizations that share the same values and commitments.

In the current environment‘s higher demand for ethical accountability and reliability, BG Cleaning Systems is your ideal business partner.