BG Cleaning Systems will provide you with intensive training and continuous support in keeping with the current trends in the commercial cleaning industry the moment you join the BG Family.
You will learn how to properly apply our professional systems and concepts. Most of all, you will be privy to our trade secrets.

The training & support includes among others:

  • our different cleaning systems and techniques
  • marketing methods, materials & support
  • customer relations/service techniques
  • technical and administrative advice and guidance
  • and much more!

With us as Your Guide and Mentor, you‘ll be able to avoid the costly trial-and-error phase that business entrepreneurs encounter when embarking on an unfamiliar business venture. You will have the added value of the license to use our international name & trademark, and our unique, avant garde, cutting-edge concepts and systems with our valuable guidance and support. Our nearly two decades of professional expertise and know-how is a vast treasure trove of knowledge that you will find extremely convenient, advantageous and profitable.

We also offer a support line for you to call if you have any queries about your business operations anytime, anyday. We afford you ongoing support for the whole of your business life and are ready to assist you with every aspect of your company’s growth and development.
With our tried and tested BG Cleaning systems and concepts, we can provide you with the crucial tools and knowledge necessary to ensure that you will Be on the Road to Success and turn your dream of success into Reality!