The BG Cleaning Systems Training Program

BG Cleaning Systems has a team of professionals who all pooled their knowledge and expertise in cleaning techniques, technology, and management in order to share their extensive knowledge and experience in the art and science of the cleaning industry to qualified entrepreneurs.

These intensive courses range from 7 days to 14 days in length and a full schedule of training sessions, both classroom sessions and on-the-job, are scheduled throughout the day. They are held at the BG Cleaning Systems International Headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland. Continuing Education and Training sessions are also held at the BG Global Headquarters regularly and/or per request.

The BGCS Learning Centre also offers internet courses. They are held in different sessions with a flexible schedule aimed at customizing it according to the student’s convenience. The courses are held through internet tele-presence conferences.

The courses cover practical subjects such as “Starting and Managing Your Cleaning Business”, “Cleaning Techniques and their Rationale”, “Estimating, Pricing”, and much more…

The goal of BGCS Learning Centre is to equip its franchisees with the essential knowledge and skills by providing them with the initial learning experience necessary for them to be a success in the cleaning industry.

The vision of BGCS Learning Centre is to develop, improve, and make available our existing and future cleaning systems for a global clientele network through our international franchise organization.

Our mission is to assist our franchisees all around the world in starting and building up their own cleaning businesses with the aid of our tried and tested, effective and efficient cleaning systems, and to help them succeed in the cleaning industry with our extensive training, and, on-going technical and operational support.